Some like it hot!

This year we had started many chili peppers from seed but the plants didn’t grow well. Later in spring our local garden center had many different varieties of chili peppers on sale, so we got one of each. They were either capsicum annuum or capsicum Chinese and had names like ‘Red Scorpion’, ‘Fire Ball’, ‘Ghost […]

Potato variety

If you had asked me years ago about differences between potatoes, I probably wouldn’t have thought of much more than waxy and floury types. However, since we have been planting potatoes in the garden ourselves, we have come across many interesting varieties, which differ from each other both in taste and appearance. Since our farm […]

Finally springtime

After a long winter, spring has finally begun with some delay. Last year it started about 3 weeks earlier. In the last few days we have now divided and prepared the plots. This year we are starting a seven-year crop rotation in the vegetable garden, as practiced by Ian Tolhurst in the UK. This means […]

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