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If you had asked me years ago about differences between potatoes, I probably wouldn’t have thought of much more than waxy and floury types. However, since we have been planting potatoes in the garden ourselves, we have come across many interesting varieties, which differ from each other both in taste and appearance. Since our farm dates back to the 19th century, we are particularly interested in historical heirloom potato varieties, but of course we also grow modern varieties.

Potato harvest 2014 with Triplo, Rote Emma and Bergerac.

In recent years we have grown following potatoes:

  • ‘Jaune d’Or’, France, ca. 19. century, waxy, yellow flesh
  • ‘Mr. Little’s Yetholm Gypsy’, Great Britain, ca. 1899, floury, beautiful 3-colored skin
  • ‘Sarpo Mira’, Hungary, light floury, white flesh, pink skin
  • ‘Red Duke of York’, Great Britain, ca. 1942, floury, yellow flesh, red skin
  • ‘Désirée’, The Netherlands, 1962, red skin
  • ‘Rote Emma’, Germany, 2004, waxy, red flesh, red skin
  • ‘Triplo’, The Netherlands, 2000, waxy, yellow skin
  • ‘Vitelotte Noir’, France, ca. 19. century, blue-violet potato
  • ‘Bergerac’, The Netherlands, before 1950, blue-violet potato

This year again we are growing 6 different varieties.

Vitelotte noire

Next to Triplo and Vitelotte we planted:

  • ‘Kaiser Wilhelm’, Germany, old variety
  • ‘Norddeutsche Inseln’, Germany, old variery,  waxy
  • ‘Rheinische Rote’, Germany, yellow flesh, red skin
  • ‘Yukon Gold’, USA, 1966, yellow flesh

Finally, a few recipe ideas using blue-violet potatoes:

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Vitelotte Noire
Blau-violette Gnocchi
Gemüse Chips

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