Tee from our garden

A few years ago we bought a dehydrator to process our fruit into dried fruit. This worked out quite well and helps to store the fruit for a long time. Since the mint varieties in our herb garden have grown well this year, we have harvested peppermint (Mentha × piperita) and green mint (Mentha spicata) to dry them in the dehydrator, so that we can drink our own peppermint tea in winter.

After the mint leaves were washed, of course we first made tea from the fresh leaves, because that’s how peppermint tea tastes best. The remaining leaves were spread on the dehydrated grids and dried for a few hours at 40 degrees. With suitable weather and enough time, you can of course also air dry the herbs. The dried leaves were then stored well closed in a jar and as needed we can now make our own tea and know exactly what is inside and where it comes from.

By the way, you can license the photos you see here via the agency Stocksy from us.

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