Plant swap in Windheim

After a break of two years due to Covid-19, the traditional plant swap event of the Interessengemeinschaft Bauernhaus (IGB) in Windheim finally took place again today. This year we had no young plants left, but the car was still loaded. Among other things, we had jostaberry, summer savory, mint, thyme, oregano, spotted lungwort, lady’s mantle, […]

The garden in March

March is the month of change when we transition from winter into spring. Slowly the winter vegetables are coming to an end, while first new vegetables are already starting to grow and we have plenty of work to do to get the garden ready for the new season. Fresh from the garden In the garden […]

Spring awakening

In March, the garden finally awakens and in many places more spring flowers appear such as grape hyacinths (Muscari) and crocuses. New this year is the pretty pure white wild crocus ‘Miss Vain’ (Crocus biflorus), also called Persian crocus or Scottish crocus.

The garden in February

While the temperatures were fairly mild in February, it was not very pleasant to be outside for most of the days, so we did not do a lot in the garden except for cutting foliage of grasses, pruning berry bushes and preparing the vegetable garden plots for legumes and onions. At the end of February […]

The garden in January

Fresh from the garden What we can harvest fresh from the garden now in January was less than what we had counted on because strong frost in December had killed some of our winter vegetables like winter endive. Now in January our fresh vegetables from the garden were field lettuce and kale (red russian, curly […]

New compost bin

Since we are not using animal manure or artificial fertilizers in our garden, making compost from organic matter is a cheap and easy way for us to give back nutrients and enrich the soil. For many years we had a two-chamber compost bin made from old scrap woods. It worked very well but this year […]

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