The garden in March

March is the month of change when we transition from winter into spring. Slowly the winter vegetables are coming to an end, while first new vegetables are already starting to grow and we have plenty of work to do to get the garden ready for the new season.

Fresh from the garden

In the garden the time of winter purslane has come. It is growing strongly now and provided us with fresh greens for lettuce.
We also still had kale and corn salad fresh from the garden.

Harvesting fresh winter purslane – License photo

Sowing and planting

In the vegetable garden it was time to plant out the fava beans and peas that we started sprouting in February. We also planted six 5 meter rows of onions from onion sets.

Three different onion sets (varieties: Stuttgarter giant, Red Onion and Snowball) – License photo

Outdoors we sowed: additional peas and sugar snap peas, radish, corn salad, may turnip, arugula, mizuna, lettuces

Indoors we sowed: basil, eggplant, various peppers, chard, white cabbage, tatsoi, chives, leek, peppermint, Korean mint, various lettuces, kohlrabi, beetroot, spinach

Sowing sprouted sugar snap peas (Pisum sativum subsp. sativum convar. axiphium) – License photo

Weather records

Just like last year this march had some nice warm days, some frost and luckily no storms. But with 3.8 mm rain it has been too dry, so we already had to water in the garden.

Rain35.4 mm3.8 mm
High temperature24°C20°C
Low temperature-6°C-6°C
High wind gust63 km/h from SSW32 km/h from E

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