Green manure and cover crops

To protect and enrich the soil we try to plant green manure as cover crop as soon as a plot has been harvested and there is bare soil. Many of the green manure plants also attract beneficial insects and pollinators.

Flowering crimson clover (Trifolium incarnatum) as cover crop and green manure.
Flowering crimson clover (Trifolium incarnatum) as cover crop and green manure. License photo
NameBinomial nameFamilyWinter hardySow in*
Red cloverTrifolium pratenseFabaceaeyesMarch – August
White cloverTrifolium repensFabaceaeyesMarch – August
Persian cloverTrifolium resupinatumFabaceaenoMarch – August
Crimson cloverTrifolium incarnatumFabaceaeyesApril – September
Field beanVicia fabaFabaceaeyesFebruary – July
Blue lupinLupinus angustifolia or L micranthusFabaceaenoApril – August
SerradellaOrnithopus sativusFabaceaenoApril – August
Common vetchVicia sativaFabaceaenoApril – August
AlfalfaMedicago sativaFabaceaeyesMarch – August
BuckhweatFagopyrum esculentumPolygonaceaenoApril – August
Lacy phaceliaPhacelia tanacetifoliaBoraginaceaenoMarch – September
Common flaxLinum usitatissimumLinaceaenoApril – August
MustardSinapsis albaBrassicaceaenoMarch – October
Oilseed radishRaphenus sativa L. var. Oleiformis Pers.BrassicaceaenoMarch – October
Bristle oatAvena strigosaPoaceaenoApril – October
Winter ryeSecale cerealePoaceaeyesAugust – October

* German climate zone

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