Plant swap in Windheim

After a break of two years due to Covid-19, the traditional plant swap event of the Interessengemeinschaft Bauernhaus (IGB) in Windheim finally took place again today. This year we had no young plants left, but the car was still loaded.

Car loaded with plants for the plant swap

Among other things, we had jostaberry, summer savory, mint, thyme, oregano, spotted lungwort, lady’s mantle, wild garlic, climbing hydrangea, lady’s mantle and rhubarb. We saw many familiar faces and as usual there was not only a lot of exchange of plants, but also the exchange of knowledge about varieties and their cultivation.

Exchanging experience while swapping plants

Among other things, we brought back a golden elm, a quince, some pepper plants, a few dahlia tubers, a blue ball thistle, knight’s spur and a white peony.

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