City cycling 2022

This year we took part in the CITY CYCLING competition in Minden-Lübbecke for the first time. CITY CYCLING is about covering as many daily journeys as possible in an environmentally-friendly way for 21 days in order to create awareness for more cycling promotion, climate protection and quality of life in your own community.

Cycling tour along the smock mill from 1802 in Petershagen-Bierde
Cycling tour along the smock mill from 1802 in Petershagen-Bierde, license photo

Originally, we had planned to get on the bike every day from 16.5. to 5.6., but due to bad weather and lack of time we only went on 8 bike tours with a total of 132 kilometers.

City Cycling results 2022

We used our electric car 3 times during this period to transport things. In order to completely do without the car, we would need a cargo bike and better public local and regional transport.

In the district of Minden-Lübbecke, a total of 4,738 people actively participated in 444 teams and cycled 978,245 km . This corresponds to a avoidance of approx. 151 t CO2. The closing event in the district of this year’s city cycling will take place on August 14 at the Mühle Südhermmern.

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