Finally springtime

Snowdrops (Galanthus)
Snowdrops (Galanthus)

After a long winter, spring has finally begun with some delay. Last year it started about 3 weeks earlier. In the last few days we have now divided and prepared the plots. This year we are starting a seven-year crop rotation in the vegetable garden, as practiced by Ian Tolhurst in the UK. This means that vegetables of the same plant family (legumes, brassicas,…) are grown on 5 plots, while two plots remain unused and are planted only with green manure such as red clover.

Also the rest of the garden slowly awakens from hibernation. The snowdrops bloom, the rhubarb begins to unfold and for the offshoots of the strawberries we have found a suitable place. The question now is which plants survived the winter. In our herb garden it does not look good at all, but we will give the plants a few more weeks to give a sign of life.

The first young plants are now growing on the windowsill and some of them are already being hardened to be planted soon. So far we have sown kohlrabi, dill, rocket, red kuri squash, field beans, sugar peas, garden peas, cut lettuce, celery, root celery and cape gooseberries.

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