The garden in February

While the temperatures were fairly mild in February, it was not very pleasant to be outside for most of the days, so we did not do a lot in the garden except for cutting foliage of grasses, pruning berry bushes and preparing the vegetable garden plots for legumes and onions.

Gardener cutting foloage of Miscanthus sinensis ‘Malepartus’ to the ground in late winter – License photo

At the end of February finally snowdrops, hellebores and crocuses started to bloom.

Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) in the morning end of February – License photo

Fresh from the garden

After we harvested the Brussels sprouts we left the plants and now was the time to harvest the Brussels sprouts tops and use it just like any cabbage leaves.

Gardener harvesting Brussels sprouts tops – License photo

Sowing seeds

While the first seedlings are showing up, we continued sowing lettuces, broccoli and more peppers. Then end of February it was time to start sprouting fava beans and peas, and we sowed tomato seeds of 13 different varieties, cauliflower and red cabbage.

Sprouted fava beans in sprouting trays getting ready to be planted – License photo

Weather records

Last year we lost many perennial plants due to the unusually strong frost in February. But February 2022 was very mild with only minor frost and no snow. Instead we had three strong winter storms in a row, a very unusual and unpleasant triple storm with strong gusts.

Rain35.6 mm51.8 mm
High temperature19°C13°C
Low temperature-21°C-3°C
High wind gust37 km/h from ESE77 km/h from WSW

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