Some like it hot!

This year we had started many chili peppers from seed but the plants didn’t grow well. Later in spring our local garden center had many different varieties of chili peppers on sale, so we got one of each. They were either capsicum annuum or capsicum Chinese and had names like ‘Red Scorpion’, ‘Fire Ball’, ‘Ghost pepper’ and ‘Peter Pepper’. On the pungency scale these pepper go from mildly hot to extremely hot.

The pepper plants grew well but slugs caused a lot of damage and we lost most of the bell peppers and some of the hot peppers. Never knew that slugs like it hot.

As it is getting too cold at night now for the peppers we harvested them today and still got a good amount. We are going to use some tonight on home made pizza, we’ll freeze some and we already made our own delicious chili pepper sauce.

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